SOLU K 52 for organic vegan agriculture
Application recommendation for foliar fertiliser

Nutrient uptake is faster with foliar fertilisation than with fertilisation via the soil. In the following, we have compiled application recommendations for different crops from practice that have proven successful so far.

Risk management with SOLU K 52

The effects of climate change are causing increased risks in agriculture. For example, erratic weather and dry spells and the associated lack of nutrients in the ground can lead to crop failures that represent significant economic damage for farmers.

Regional, organic & sustainable

Potassium sulphate is a co-product of evaporated salt production. The salt for this is mined from the mountains of the Salzkammergut, where it has been preserved in the mountain far from all environmental pollution for 250 million years.

Organic & vegan farming

Organic and vegan farming, in turn, guarantees a production chain free from animal products. In this context, potassium sulphate from natural sources has firmly established itself as a vegan fertiliser alternative.

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