The advantages of GUSTOSAL table salt and nitrite curing salt

Certified quality

GUSTOSAL table salt and curing salt comply with the Codex Alimentarius and the relevant national standards and regulations. They are Kosher, Halal and IFS certified.

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Wide range of table salt

GUSTOSAL table and pickling salts are available in country-specific iodisation, different grain sizes and salt types.


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The right salt for every application

GUSTOSAL table salt can be used in a variety of ways thanks to its high, consistent quality and availability.

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Absolutely service-orientated

With GUSTOSAL table salt and curing salt, Salinen Austria AG is your competent, service-orientated and reliable salt supplier.


Our expertise for your passion - GUSTOSAL table salt at a glance

GUSTOSAL table salt

The purest salt for pure enjoyment. GUSTOSAL table salt and baker's salt are an important basis for the entire food industry and bakeries. Our range is fully customised to your professional needs.

GUSTOSAL nitrite curing salt and salt-nitrite mixture

Highest quality for absolute process reliability. GUSTOSAL nitrite curing salts contain a stable and homogeneous mixture for the efficient and safe processing of your meat and sausage products and your regional bacon and ham specialities.

GUSTOSAL without anti-caking agents for organic food

Some GUSTOSAL table salts are free from additives and anti-caking agents and are therefore suitable for the production of organic food. According to current EU regulations, salt cannot be labelled as an organic product. However, we produce table salt that complies with the strict guidelines for the production of your organic food.


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