Salt in the production of food

Salt is an essential flavour carrier in our food. It also has important functions in the production of food, for example when it comes to shelf life and consistency. If you leave it out, it affects how firm or loose the end product is or how it feels. Salt influences the entire manufacturing process - and is irreplaceable.

Why salt has additives

The health claims of Regulation (EU) 432/2012 regulate and justify which additives in food are beneficial to health. Because our soils are poor in iodine, Austria is considered an iodine deficiency area. Iodine deficiency has a negative impact on health, which is why our table salt has been enriched with 15 - 20 mg iodine/kg and labelled as iodised since 1963. At Salinen Austria AG, we use potassium iodide and potassium iodate for this purpose.

What types of salt are there?

Not all salt is the same and salt is not always white. There are even differences in flavour. The type of extraction plays just as big a role in the properties of salt as the origin and therefore the composition of the mineral. In addition to the well-known evaporated salt and sea salt, there are also exotic varieties.


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