Risk management with SOLU K 52
Leaf fertilisation of wheat

If prolonged periods of drought or heavy rainfalls occur before sowing and have a negative impact on the nutrient balance in the soil, we recommend early leaf fertilisation with SOLU K 52.

Leaf fertilisation of potatoes

There is an increased need for potassium in the very early stages. Initial leaf fertilisation with SOLU K 52 in this early stage plays a considerable role in the successful growth of the plant.

Leaf fertilisation of soya

The water consumption of soya is at its highest in the first three weeks of flowering. A good supply of potassium is necessary for efficient water utilisation and thus the foundation of reliable yields.

Leaf fertilisation of sugar beet

Since the soil is deprived of a great deal of nutrients during the first three to four months after sowing, the highest proportion of nutrients should be provided before sowing. On top of this is the fact that sugar beets prefer nitrogen in the form of nitrate.

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